Soap Making Supplies

Soap making supplies are in great demand these days as more people try to rid their homes of chemically-based products, including the soap that they use on their bodies. Those with allergies or sensitive skin may also choose to make their own soap that they know will be pure and chemical-free. This homemade product is also popular with those who are aware of the damage that chemicals from store-bought soap can do to the earth’s soil and water supplies.  Many individuals enjoy making anything that can be made at home, and the experience of forming the liquid into different shaped bars can be a lot of fun. It is possible to make many variations of this product that cannot be bought in a store. There are two basic ways of making homemade soap – either from scratch with a list of ingredients, or from soap base.

Soap Making SuppliesMaking it from scratch requires a scale that can accurately measure to the tenth of an ounce, safety goggles and rubber gloves, and a variety of bowls, plastic containers, a large pot, and measuring spoons. Molds for the product are also needed, but any plastic or glass container can be used. There are many different recipes for making soap. Common ingredients are oil, which can be olive, palm, coconut oils or others, lye, and essential oil, herbs or botanicals for fragrance. There are other additives as well that can give this product special features, such as decorative items that are placed in the bars as they harden. Soap must be cured, and so it is about a month before it can actually be used.

Making soap with a base is very simple to do. Simply melt the base in the microwave or in a pot, add fragrance and special items that are desired, and pour it into molds to harden. There are many different types of  base available, from clear glycerin to white. They are usually made with vegetable oil, coconut oil, or similar products. It is also possible to make liquids to put into dispensers. Some bases have olive oil, while others have goat’s milk, beeswax, glycerin and vitamin E, and various ingredients. There is also a suspending  soap base that will allow small beads or glitter to float in the bar after it is dry. This base is also used to make an exfoliating bar.

Making soap is a popular craft with many who like to design beautiful shapes, such as hearts or other figures. Sometimes fruits and flowers or other decorative ingredients are added to make the product fancy or more beautiful.  Some of the bases are transparent and the bars can be kept this way, or coloring can be added to match a bathroom or any other décor. Transparent bars with a natural tint are very popular for their fresh, clean look.

The products needed to make bars from scratch or with a base can be purchased online at many different websites. There are online businesses that specialize in soap making Ingredients and materials, including lye can often be found at drug stores and discount stores, and most of the necessary items are available at stores that carry natural food and other products. These businesses typically carry essential oils, natural colorings, fragrances, dried flowers, and other natural products for making soap. It can be time consuming to make soap from scratch, but it is an inexpensive way to make a product that the whole family can use. It is also very rewarding to have a high-quality item that you have made by yourself, especially if you want soap with the scent of a particular essential oil.